Five Best Places To Admire Red Maple Leaf In Vietnam

In Vietnam, there are lots of forests where maples grow and turn beautiful color in the Autumn, such as Da Lat city or Pha Luong. The following are some of the suggested places to enjoy red leaves of maple in Vietnam that you can consider.

Da Lat

The forest around the Tuyen Lam lake is famous for red maple leaves on every occasion of October each year. Newly discovered in the recent years, this area is quickly found by young people to come to check-in. The journey to discover this forest usually start with a tour to row a boat across a lake of 6 km.

Then, you will walk through the forest trail which takes about 15 minutes. The maple trees here grow in succession and turn color until the late December.

Hai Duong

The destination which is well-known for maple trees in Hai Duong is Thanh Mai pagoda, Hoang Hoa Tham commune, Chi Linh town. Here, the maple forest covers around the Pagoda which is up to 100 hectares in width creating a unique natural landscape, especially in the cold season. The maple trees here are rather tall which are about 60 to 70 cm in diameter and conventionally rise from the middle of the mountain to the top. Compared to the maple leaf in Da Lat, the ones in Hai Duong turn red later.

Cao Bang

In this border province, you can also admire the maple trees on the journey to conquer Bao Dong Mountain where President Ho Chi Minh observed the battlefield of Dong Khe in 1950, in Thach An district.

To come to the observation tower, visitors have to climb over 840 stone steps. The maple trees grow on the mountain at the beginning of the journey and near the path; therefore, it’s relatively easy to observe.

Mt Fansipan

Here, the maple trees grow at the height of 3000m belonging to Fansipan peak, Lao Cai. To see the scene which looks like in Europe, tourists have to cross the mountain road with complex terrain. The features of maple trees are large leaf canopies, rough tree trunks, and white mold. Today, visitors can reach Fansipan by cable car. Although not being able to touch the red maple leaves, tourists can watch the foliage change color from above.

Pha Luong

On the journey to the top of Pha Luong which is “the roof of Moc Chau (Son La),” the prominent maple trees with great foliage of green forest will attract your eyes. From the early of autumn, the maple leaves will change from green to yellow, but by the end of this season, their leaves turn bright red. It can be considered as a wonderful reward on a four-hour walking along the forest road to conquer the summit of Pha Luong.

Let make your vacation more enjoyable and memorable with a trip to discover the beauty of red maple leaves in Vietnam and share your unforgettable memory in these wonderful destinations with your friends!